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  • Stop Smoking For Life.
  • Lose Weight and Feel Great (Gastric Band Hypnosis).
  • Reduce Stress and Increase Daily Happiness.
  • Remove Fears, Phobias and Childhood Issues.
  • Attract Better Relationships and a Money Mindset.
  • Improve Performance in Sports, Business and Life.

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Upgrade for Life – Hypnosis

How Does Hypnosis Work?

dcImagine your mind is a supercomputer. The only in-built software gives you a natural fear of heights
and loud noises. Everything else is learned from influences, conclusions and experiences. That programming needs a tweak, reboot , removal or upgrade from time to time.

That’s what I do. I can help you to start again at a higher optimum level of success using

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Life Design
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Pranic Healing
  • Life Coaching

Together we change your subconscious mind to help you to become the very best that you can be.

What Do I Do Next?

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  1. What you want to have
  2. What you want to remove
  3. What life will be like once after our session

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successAchieve Goals
Make all your dreams come true
LoveMore Love
Greater relationships in every part of your life.
moneyGuaranteed Happiness
Create your best day every single day

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What Can Life Design Do For me?

There are no limits to what your mind can achieve. Whatever you want can be a reality. You can stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, reduce stress, remove phobias and fears, resolve child hood issues, boost confidence and speak in public.

We make lasting change by enhancing your mental road map allowing your future goals to happen sooner. Empowered by your new mindset, you will become unstoppable motivated by a new positive attitude, a greater belief on your own abilities and the tools and techniques to be able to turn dreams into reality.

Life’s too short to let others dictate your health, your wealth and your happiness, you deserve the best so take it now…

Dave Crane’s Credentials

  • Ex BBC journalist and author Dave is the original Life Designer, combining his experience as a certified NFNLP Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Pranic Healer, Life Coach and motivational speaker.

  • Career includes over 25 years as motivational speaker and therapist helping tens of thousands in USA, Spain, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Egypt, the Caribbean, Italy and Monaco.

  • Executive producer/host of award winning web personal development and branding TV show ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand TV’ watched in over 127 countries. Guests include Jack Canfield, Dr John Gray, Brian Tracy and Chris Anderson.

  • The only Stage Hypnotist in the Arabian Gulf having trained and performed in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Also, Creator and presenter of The Dream Experience hypnosis sessions which have been performed Bollywood royalty including Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Khan, Simi Garewell and Pooja Bedi.

  • Hosted some of the region’s premier events and worked alongside entertainments legends like James Brown, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Enrique Iglesias, Sting, Amitabh Bachchan, Jean Alesi, Jim Courier, Slash, Kanye West, Bryan Adams, Stefan Edberg and many more including 13 years as Entertainment Director/ Host of Dubai Rugby Sevens, the Gulf’s biggest (and favourite) sporting event (over 100,000 attendees and 1 billion viewers).

  • MC/Host, internet marketer, ecommerce evangelist, social media expert, team building facilitator and keynote speaker.

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What Is Personal Development?

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    “Dave knows it inside out, walks circles around it and talks it through until you get it. Dave is brilliant. His participation, the work he does for will also be brilliant. Run, don’t walk to get this wonderful human being on your team.” December 23, 2010

    Raleigh R. Pinskey International Speaker at Conferences – Business Motivational Speaker, National Speakers Association

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    “Dave Crane is one of the most amazing individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet and to get to know. Dave has a passion about his business and a love for life second to none. He is a highly entertaining and profession motivational speaker, a superb coach and a splendid individual."

    Duncan Osborne Head of Marketing, Air Arabia

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    “Dave is a born entertainer with amazing energy, excitement and dedication. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of knowing, working and experiencing Dave wearing multiple hats – from his days as DJ Shaft that rocked a party to captivating hypno shows, though more serious roles of hypnotherapy, NLP and motivational sessions to a Social Media expert. I truly admire how he has reinvented himself over the years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge."

    Cyrus Roche hired Dave as a MC for various events, Hypno Show, Dream Theatre, hypnotherapist to stop smoking in 2003, and hired Dave more than once

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “Dave is truly an extraordinary guy, I have always enjoyed his presence with the tremendous energy, excitement and humor. Dave and I have been part of the same group and I would definitely partner with him in the near future. I also truly admire his passion about helping and motivating people to overcome their fears and obstacles. He is also an amazing Social Media expert and he knows what he is talking about because he is using the same successful strategies in his business aswell. I highly recommend Dave’s services to business owners and corporate management.” February 12, 2012

    Farooq Hasan Small Business Marketing Specialist, FSH Coaching & Consulting

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “I have know Dave for about 12 years. In that time he’s been an excellent and entertaining radio personality and more laterly running his own succesful hypnotheraphy and motivational business. I have been very impressed with the shows/demonstrations that I have seen. I have also worked alongside Dave at the Dubai Rugby Sevens. In all my dealings with him he has always been extremely professional and provided excellent entertainment to his various audiences.” February 12, 2012

    Nick Dutt Head of Corporate Development, Rewards Management Middle East

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “I have known Dave for many years. We actually had dealings together when Channel 4 Radio opened in Ajman June 1997 and broadcast across the UAE. He was then a professional radio presenter and now excels in public speaking whether in the DJ box, or as I saw him, as host in front of huge crowds bringing on James Brown or Beyonce or whoever, the star of the night happened to be. He excels with flair and makes a significant contribution to the night’s in question!"

    Mark Power CEO, Mark Power Independant Music Industry Consultant

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dave Crane as a good friend for many years and working with him professionally since our time together at the BBC. He is a world class presenter and facilitator and I have no hesitation in recommending him most highly. Alan Wright – UK After Dinner Speaker of the Year 2009 –” February 11, 2012

    Alan Wright Current Affairs Presenter, BBC

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “I attended one of Dave’s shows when I was in Dubai last year and he was amazing! His command of the stage and the audience was phenomenal. He is a gifted speaker and a man of many talents. As a speaker myself I find it hard to be impressed by too many other speakers. However Dave did it. Whether you hire him as a keynote speaker or as a corporate trainer, Dave is sure to deliver a ton of value.” December 22, 2011

    Rick Itzkowich Trainer and Speaker, Rick Itzkowich Consulting

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    “I feel blessed and extremly lucky to have Dave as my personal friend and one of my closest associates. Dave is a source of constant inspiration and one of the coolest persons you’ll ever meet. His integrity and way of conducting business is very hard to find. Dave is a person I will encourage you to connect to and certainly a person you need to find more about."

    Ernesto Verdugo (Middle East #1 Internet Expert) +2000, Middle East’s #1 Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Expert, Unlimited Power Online Events

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “If you want your seminars to burst into life with people being truly inspired, from a guy that exudes the passion and focus to help others succeed, then hire Dave Crane. Not only does Dave light up the room with his amazing energy, great sense of humour and endless creativity, he has an amazing amount of knowledge, experience and development strategies to help you truly transform, once and for all."

    Jo Simpson Executive Coach / Professional Speaker / Managing Director, Coaching and Mentoring Middle East

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “I’ve been on Social media for a while but never understood its importance and power. Recently, I attended a Social Media boot camp for Referrals for Life members – wow! I was amazed at WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW! Dave’s simple explanation of the benefits, his vision of the future of this powerful media and tips on “how to” were eye-opening. I have now dedicated more resources to this cost-effective marketing tool."

    Shridhar Sampath Professional Speaker, Consulting CFO, Business & Financial Trainer, Motivaluate Consulting & Training FZ LLC

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “Dave is an excellent communicator, a charming speaker on stage and great motivator. Though we met briefly in a social media conference in Dubai, he has left a deep impression on me. His energy level is as great as his insight to life and personal branding.” March 10, 2011

    Andrew Chow Managing Director, Ideamart (S) Pte Ltd

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “Dave arranged and hosted a full day work shop for our Middle East and Africa sales team and I must say that he did an exceptional job. His ability to combine professionalism with entertainment is a unique talent. It should be said that this was still in the early days after a company merger and he managed to inspire the whole team and months after the workshop it was still noticeable. I am keen to work again with him and recommend him for any motivational workshop.” February 1, 2011

    Eiko Lehmann hired Dave as a General Contractor in 2009

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    “Dave as a fellow coach/life designer and friend continuously help me stay motivated, keep me focussed what was important and challenges my thinking to achieve more than what I feel is possible. Your insight to my areas that needs re-thinking is enlightening and helpful, very helpful. It’s one thing to do what one knows, it’s a lot harder to do what one lacks."

    Ilzé Els Mulder Director Programmes & Corporate Relations, Results Coaching Systems UAE

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “One of the secrets to success, is to surround yourself with successful individuals that push you to excel and hold you accountable. I have had the privilege to know Dave as a mentor, coach and student. In all arenas Dave inspires you to excellence."

    PHIL BEDFORD Increase Sales /Networking/Speaker hired Dave as a Personal Branding expert in 2010, and hired Dave more than once

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “More than an entertainer, Dave Crane is a enter-trainer with a commitment to assisting others to design their life the way they want! Thanks Dave for taking the time out of your busy schedule to run a stage show for our NLP Master Practitioner graduates – they loved it!” July 14, 2010

    Carol Talbot Owner, Matrix Training Solutions

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “I feel proud to call Dave Crane my friend. Dave has the ability to simplify things and provide incredibly unique solutions and leave you walking away as though all your troubles have simply disappeared. A man with strong values, he loves and cares for all and always has time for others. I have worked with Dave for over 7 months and count myself very lucky to be associated with him. ‘love you Dave’ and a BIG thank you for all you have done for me and my family. words cant describe our gratitude.” July 1, 2010

    Dariush Soudi hired Dave as a life designer in 2009, and hired Dave more than once

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “Dave is a great trainer, motivator, MC and professional speaker, just to name a few of his skills. For anyone looking to motivate their workforce and increase their productivity, there is nobody better.” September 28, 2009

    Ben Woods hired Dave as a Career Coach in 2007, and hired Dave more than once

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “Dave’s inspirational courses have inspired me to widen my realms of thinking. He is a Guru in his field of entertaining and motivating. Watch out for his book .. It will feel like your birthday every day !” June 26, 2009

    Sarah Laws Baerschmidt hired Dave as a Business Consultant in 2007, and hired Dave more than once

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “Dave is a man on a mission and anyone hiring him for business or personal development is going to see this from the get-go. He is a one-man brand with a proven track record for bringing about positive change. But don’t just take my word for it (although you CAN take my word for it), make a point of seeing his full client list and see the world-class companies that recognise and value his talent and abilities.” August 12, 2008

    George Hopkin hired Dave as a Business Consultant in 2001, and hired Dave more than once

  • 5000 slideright true 60 top 0

    “I’ve worked with Dave on a number of occasions, both as a client of his exceptional Life Design program as well as in collaboration on a number of entrepreneurial projects. On all occasions his degree of professionalism and dedication to his cause was remarkable, and this showed through in the results, I and we were able to achieve along the way.” February 13, 2012

    Christian Burne hired Dave as a Career Coach in 2005, and hired Dave more than once


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