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Welcome to The Life Designers Store.

Everything here has been personally developed and road tested by me to give you the very best mindset tool kit on the market.

You may want to improve or ‘turbo charge’ an area of your life like Accelerated Learning, Public Speaking or Confidence. These are all available under the section called ‘Upgrades’

You might want to ‘press your reset button’ on fears and phobias (EG Allergies, Fear of Dentists and Insomnia) that are preventing your happiness or success. These are called ‘Enhancers’.

In my experience most people need a combination of things to make that difference.

Therefore I have created a section called ‘Systems’ which allows you to invest in a specific package of NLP and hypnosis products. These are created to help you improve your activities ‘Sports Superstar’, overcome a ‘Fear of Flying’ , improve your future business ‘Career Success’, help you to lose weight ‘Slimfast NLP’ , enhance your relationships ‘Love Magnet’ , kick the nicotine habit ‘Stop Smoking For Life’.

You can even treat yourself to a ‘Happy Birthday’ every single day.

Plus, if you really want to make an effective change and completely reinvent yourself as a turbocharged success machine – ‘The ‘Turbo System’ is perfect for you.

Personal Coaching. If you’d like to contract my services to help you lose weight, become a great public speaker or just specific improvement then contact me directly at dave@thelifedesigners.com

I look forward to helping you to become the best that you can be.


All the best

Dave Crane

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